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   »   About 5th continent

Welcome to "5th continent"

"5th continent" was the first business in Australia and New Zealand established in April 1993. All these years the company was focusing on clients residing in Australia.


"5th continent" is a new travel company that is specialising on group tours to Australia on a regular basis. This approach allows us to offer you the lowest prices.


We have been bringing groups of travelers to Australia for over 20 years and therefore, we  do know how to organise the most fascinating travel programs. 


Over these years we have gained a lot of experience and worked out a lot of exclusive travel programs: day tours, tour packages, group and individual travel tours.

We have recently launched a new project – "Travel to Australia with someone famous". Famous artists, writers, TV presenters and many others will be joining us on the new project. You get to travel to Australia together and enjoy discovering this fascinating country.


We are confident that you will want to come back to the 5th continent! We are confident that you will fall in love with this country as much as we have.


Why choose us

  • We provide regular individual tours as well as group tours around Australia. This allows us to reduce the costs significantly and offer you the best prices.
  • You pay us direct with no intermediaries in-between and we book regular flights direct with the leading airlines for you, in other words, your money does not get lost or suspended.
  • Not only you get to see this beautiful country but you get to learn a lot about its history, its famous people and famous Australian lifestyle.
  • No boring average type of travel tours! When you are on a tour with us you get to experience an unforgettable atmosphere. The memories from an unforgettable and enjoyable time spent on our tour become long-lasting memories.
  • Word of mouth is our main way of advertising, we get a lot of references from those who have travelled with us and got to experience the professionalism, care and responsiveness of our organisers and tour guides.



Independent russian speaking guides in Australia and New Zealand!

Alexander Rossini

Russian speaking guide in Australia!

Melbourne, Australia
Contact phones: +61413624777 или +61419150750
e-mail: alex@5continent.ru
Skype Live: Ekaterina & Alexander Rossini


In the past a physics teacher (Moscow region, Chernogolovka city).Today the russian speaking guide - and at the same time a history teacher :) In Australia since 1994. I really love this country, and for more than 20 years I continue every day discover something new. I am always glad to show my clients something unusual, tell about the destinies of people, thanks to whom the 5th Continent is not only the greenest continent in the world, but also the country, in all respects, the best for life on the Earth.
For many years I help my clients follow along the way of Captain Cook, Arthur Philip and other famous historical figures to discover this wonderful world. And for 20 years was not a single one, who  after visiting my tours, did not say that he wants to return to this unusual country once more!
Each tour for me - it is a mini concert, where my clients become spectators, and concert venues are unique natural places, many of which are places of power.
I especially like to organize group tours and excursions and safely guarantee that traveling in a group will not become a burden for you, but will only improve your journey and you can meet new interesting people.
See you at the 5th Continent. I'm waiting for you with great intensity!!!


Irina Genkina

Russian speaking guide in Sydney!

Sydney, Australia
e-mail: irina@5continent.ru


Personal guide in Sydney.
Web site author "My 100 roads": http://www.100roads.com, where writes in detail about trips to Australia and not only, also about important and interesting places in Sydney.
More than 12 years lives in Australia, visited many beautiful and famous places of this continent, travel photographer, a certified walking guide in Sydney.


Michael Yarovoy

Russian speaking guide in Melbourne!

Melbourne, Australia
e-mail: mihail@5continent.ru


Work experience: as a guide in Australia about 5 years. Individual and group tours.
Licenses: Victoria state guide-driver's license.
Education: higher - Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute (medical faculty), RMIT Melbourne (Department of Radiotherapy).
The city of residence: Melbourne. Walking, car and bus tours in Melbourne and it's suburbs. Victoria state. Central Australia.
«As a professional guide, I will tell you with great pleasure about the history and modern life of this amazing country, as well as about features of the culture of its native people - the Australian Aborigines».
Among the Melbourne audience, Michael Yarovoy is well known as a bard and organizer of the author song movement in the state of Victoria, and as producer of the music festival "Dingo-Dingo". Many times was published in various Russian and Australian publications. Laureate and prize-winner of literary and bardic competitions. Regularly gives concerts in Russia and Australia.


Sergey Permitin

Russian speaking guide in New Zealand!

New Zealand
e-mail: sergey@5continent.com.ua


KiaOra - in the language of Maori Indians, who first settled the islands of Ao Thea Roa or New Zealand 11 centuries ago means: WELCOME and LIVE MANY YEARS, SUCCESSFUL HUNTING AND GODSPEED! THERE ARE MANY MEANINGЫ, but in every wish MOVEMENT and PART OF ADVENTURE. And no wonder so long these islands were covered with all sorts of taboos and Indian rituals from the eyes of scientists and travelers.

My way in search of the collected geographical ideals of our planet, social and climatic comfort ended in 1995 here. Born in СЛАВА МОЦАРТУCrimea and having lived 12 years in Kamchatka, having visited expeditionary practically in all parts of the world, I found, explored and fell in love with this land as a second Motherland.

If you like CONTRAST, and in one hand, LOUD and in another FLAME - trails on craters of volcanoes and valleys of geysers, along canyons and alpine passes, rafting along cave and mountain rivers, five hundred meters waterfalls and glaciers - and ALL of this with pictures of Nepal and Kamchatka, Switzerland and Patagonia, California and Tahiti, also flavored with a deep and mysterious color of the wandering seamen INDIAN MAOURY who passed their migration way from Peru, Easter Island, Hawaii and Polynesia ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

I was lucky to be the guide and director of the film crew of the "In Search of Adventures" program with Mikhail Kozhukhov in 2005. Three weeks of work only on the North Island allowed to film material for 5 programs. And the most of chips and interesting people from these 5 programs you will meet on our tour.

Ao Thea Roa - the land of a long White Cloud - New Zealand - NZ - UNKNOWN RESOURCE OF our planet!

Yours Sergey Permitin.


Briefly about myrself:

  • Specialist with 27 years of experience in tourism (23 years in NZ and OCEANIA);
  • Visited more than 100 countries;
  • Organizer and leader of expeditions: Eco-, Ethno-, Extreme-tourism...without refining for every taste and budget))):

in Russia: Kamchatka, Urals, Karelia, Crimea, Altai, Yenisei;
in the Southern Pacific: New Zealand, Australia, Polynesia;
in Asia: Nepal, Cambodia, Tibet, Thailand;
in America: national parks of the western states of the USA, Peru, Argentina + Antarctica;

  • Interests and hobbies: mountain tourism, ethnotourism, bicycle, photography, music, guitar;
  • President of the Russian Society of New Zealand 12 years 1996-2008;
  • Leader of "Russian Radio" on the channel EXCESS COMMUNITY RADIO FM, Auckland New Zealand 10 years;
  • Founder of the Club "RUSSIAN LEISURE" on Broadway, Auckland;
  • Founder of the Russian-New Zealand Trade House in Moscow;
  • Advisor to the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in New Zealand;
  • Full member of the Russian Geographical Society;
  • Chairman of the Russian-NZ Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Member of Australia-NZ Association of Russian-speaking Guides.

My clients were:

  • "Mikhail Kozhukhov Travel Club" and personally the master himself, the Banking Group "ZENIT", RZhD, MAIS "TRANSAERO", "EUROTUR" and many others;
  • among the guests who have recognized New Zealand and many other countries with me - citizens of Russia and Ukraine, Israel and the USA, Australia and Canada, Poland and Bulgaria;
  • rockstars, stars of variety and theater - Nikolay Karachentsov, Maxim Dunaevsky, Larisa Dolina, Maxim Galkin, Mikhail Boyarsky, Clara Novikova, Yury Shevchuk, Yefim Shifrin, Mishuki brothers, Tatyana
  • Vasilyeva and Valery Garkalin; Boris Shcherbakov and Valentina Talyzina; Valery Syutkin;
  • scientists and deputies of the State Duma, expeditionary groups of the Presidential Lomonosov School of Moscow;
  • director of the shooting of 5 TV programs "In Search of Adventures with M. Kozhukhov in the NZ";
  • director of the film crew Etalon Film Studio "At World's End".

A deep understanding of the culture and history of the NZ will allow you to collect, but me to confirm to you through many pre-organized or occasional meetings and conversations with local residents a sufficient amount of material, and most importantly emotions about the NZ.


Olga Balanova

Russian speaking guide in Perth!

e-mail: olga@5continent.ru


Guide experience: since 2000.

Specialization: guide, personal driver, translator, photographer, wedding organizer, medical tourism specialist, shopping consultant, real estate consultant

About myself:

Western Australia - exotic even for Australians! I will show you the most amazing corners of this distant paradise. Depending on how you relax, the trip can be filled with walking tours, trips to remote places or quiet pastime on the unique West Australian beaches, equal to which neither in purity, nor in quantity, nor in beauty!

The North of Western Australia is an unmatched Nungaloo Reef that surpasses the famous Barrier and by the diversity of marine fauna and virginity of nature. Here, beside the Broome, you will find the striking red-shaded landscapes of Caridgini, the red Outback of Australia.


Elena Yanchenko

Russian speaking guide in Australia!

e-mail: elena@5continent.ru


Elena Yanchenko - immigrated to Australia more than 10 years ago. Since childhood, I loved nature, active sports and long walks. In Australia, due to the presence of numerous national parks, a huge number of varied hiking routes and their accessibility all year round, Elena began spend on the nature every weekend and exploring new tracks. Favorite place in Australia for Helena is the National Park Kozioshko with its highest on the Australian continent Mount Kozioshko. Her father instilled the love for travel and nature into her - climber is one of the most famous guides on the ascent to Elbrus - the highest mountain of the European continent. In Australia, unfortunately, there are no high mountains. There is Kozioshko mountain, which is only 2228 meters high, without extreme conditions almost all year round, but with beautiful picturesque landscapes. «I adore these places and I am happy to share them with tourists who prefer an active lifestyle and recreation». Also Elena is a yoga instructor, nutrition expert and health consultant. 


Anastasia Srits

Russian-speaking photo-guide in Sydney!

e-mail: anastasia@5continent.ru


Work experience: as a photographer - 16 years.
Specializations: portfolio for models, weddings, children's photography, reportage, advertising.
About myself: arrived in Australia more than 10 years ago, I devoted a lot of time to developing my own style, which led me to the formula how to create an unforgettable photo. I have a professional talent to catch the moment, so I have professional equipment, which in combination gives win-win shots. Easy-going, friendly, quickness and quality guarantee.




Dmitry Piven

Russian speaking guide in New Zealand!

New Zealand
e-mail: dmitriy@5continent.ru


Work experience: 25 years in tourism. Before moving to New Zealand - co-owner and tour manager of the company "Russian Travel Club". Organized and accompanied tours for compatriots to the United States, Singapore and Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, etc., and at home hosted groups of foreigners (mainly from USA) wishing to become acquainted with Russia and republics of the former Soviet Union.
Since 2004 he lives in New Zealand and invites tourists from all over the world to this extraordinary country.
Specialization: individual and group tours, special tours (wedding, events, English practice, extreme, business trips, corporate). By ordering a tour, you can include English lessons.
All licenses for organizing and conducting tours are available.
Education: Khabarovsk Pedagogical Institute (English and German languages).
Council for the Development of International Relations - a three-month program development of tourism (Oregon USA).
Languages International - Cambridge Certificate of Teaching English for Adults CELTA.
Te Wananga o Aotearoa (New Zealand Territory Education Institutions) - Small Business Management.
Dmitry easily finds a common language with tourists, both experienced and beginners. In the collection of his tours - trips with famous bloggers and photo correspondents of leading Russian media.



Irina Chipizubov

Russian speaking guide in Gold Coast!

e-mail: irina_chipizubov@5continent.ru


So. Allow me to introduce myself - Irina Chipizubov. I came to Australia for the first time in 2009 and returned forever in 2011. From the first minutes I felt - I'm at home! I love my Gold Coast, which has everything - and places with the rhythm of a big city, and absolutely secluded quiet corners, where the foot of a tourist with a guide does not tread. Living here, I need only 7 minutes to get to the ocean and meet the dawn at 5 am, walk along the embankment, drink the first morning coffee and watch the city wake up. Or - 30 minutes - and we are in the mountains, with a glass of wine, a warm blanket and a folding chair - we watch the sun go down... botanical gardens, canals, rivers, the ocean, real rainforest and waterfalls... or - shopping in huge shopping Centers, delicious food in good restaurants, the largest theme parks of entertainment... If you want to get infected with the love of Gold Coast - come, I'll meet you, help you with check-in at the hotel, I'll show you what you want to see and what I love...



Ivan Ivanov

Russian speaking guide in New Zealand!

New Zealand
e-mail: ivan@5continent.ru


Ivan is one of the best guides of the country of the Long White Cloud, an expert of New Zealand, where he lives since 2006. Ivan's extensive knowledge in various fields, such as culture, history, geography, flora, fauna, political structure, agriculture and others, allow to see and understand the past and the present of this unique country. Ivan has more than 10 years of extensive experience in the organization of individual and group tours in New Zealand. He started in 2000 with expeditions and tours on Lake Baikal and Mongolia, then in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia and the Polynesian Islands. He is fascinated by ethnography, ecology, history, Vedic philosophy and yoga, wildlife and adventure. The work of a guide is a lifestyle, not a job. New Zealand is a favorite country on Earth, and not just a place of residence. Ivan personally accompanied Nikolai Drozdov, Alexei Miller, German Gref, Vladimir Evtushenko and other famous businessmen, politicians and artists of Russia and Ukraine. On the basis of bachelor's degree in management, Ivan received a diploma in international tourism at the Auckland Institute. He is a member of the Association of Professional Guides of New Zealand. Has licenses to accompany tourists, including the national parks of New Zealand. Ivan has its own transport of the last years of production - the minibus Mercedes Sprinter and the Mercedes Vito minivan. The main principle of work: a trip to New Zealand will be one of the best in your collection.



Natalia Semenova

Russian speaking guide in New Zealand!

New Zealand
e-mail: natalia@5continent.ru


The first experience in tourism Natalia found on the shores of Lake Baikal and the steppes of Mongolia. Since then, the profession of the guide has become an essential part of her life. Natalia is one of the best guides of New Zealand with a grandiose baggage of knowledge, thousands of kilometers of roads and country trails, as well as an interesting companion and caring fellow traveler. You cannot think of a better one!
She is fond of traveling around the world and photography. Work in tourism is also one of the main hobbies. Natalia reads a lot, constantly delving into the specifics of New Zealand in such areas as culture, economics, including agriculture, politics, nature and other fields of knowledge about this amazing country.
Natalia is an excellent organizer, she is distinguished by attention to detail and scrupulousness in planning a trip. She is also a very responsible driver. It is very interesting, comfortable and safe with her. Experience of the guide more than 8 years. Natalia is a member of the Association of Professional Guides of New Zealand and has all the necessary licenses to accompany tourists in the country, including the territories of national parks.


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